Retail Octopus

Discefa distributes top-quality precooked octopus that comes both refrigerated and frozen. Before it gets to your fridge, our premium octopus is fished with all environmental, sustainability, and safety guarantees and subjected to a rigorous quality inspection process.

Since it comes precooked, all you have to do is open the package and microwave it for a few minutes to taste all the glory of authentic Galician octopus. So, if you’d like to offer your customers a product that will make their lives easier, our precooked octopus is a sure bet.

Special Retail Formats

Prepared in the traditional Mediterranean style. Ready to eat. It’s never been easier to enjoy top-quality octopus at home. Backed by the industry’s most demanding quality seals, guarantees, and standards, Discefa precooked octopus is guaranteed to be excellent.

We have three retail brands: el Rey del PulpoMr. Pulpo and Fribó, which bring us closer to markets all over the world. There’s no excuse for not offering your customers the best octopus in the world.

el Rey del Pulpo

This is our flagship brand that is now available for retail. El Rey del Pulpo brings premium Discefa products to end consumers in practical packages, allowing home cooks to make delicious octopus recipes with little effort.


Discefa wanted consumers to also be able to enjoy its octopus at home. That’s how Fribó was born. As Discefa’s first trade name was Fribó, the brand is inspired by Discefa’s founding principles and values and is also one of our top brands in the restaurant industry. It can be found in the best shops and supermarkets.

Mister Pulpo

Mr. Pulpo is the perfect brand for octopus lovers. Discefa products have arrived in supermarkets with Mr. Pulpo. We’ve designed specific packages that make our octopus more approachable to home cooks while maintaining the top quality that defines our brand.

Why should you choose special Discefa precooked octopus?

Ready-to-eat format

Ready to eat. It’s never been easier to enjoy top-quality octopus at home.

Always perfectly cooked

Cooking octopus like a professional is no easy feat. With our octopus you don’t have to worry about getting the doneness just so.

The best preservation

We use a refrigeration process that locks in all of the fresh octopus’ flavor and nutrients.

Premium quality

Backed by the industry’s most demanding quality seals and standards, Discefa octopus is guaranteed to be excellent.


Our production system allows us to sell octopus of any size in any format.
We can present and package it as per customer request.

Simply ask for more details!

Committed to your business

Our octopus especially cooked for retail adapts to all retail chain distribution systems. We work with the highest quality standards and can get our product anywhere in the world while maintaining the same properties as fresh octopus.

Our group’s powerful distribution system allows us to offer competitive delivery times for commercial establishments and bars and restaurants. We adapt to the needs of any business in terms of time and product volume.

And since we know that each customer has their own specific needs, you can also adapt our precooked octopus formats to your needs or purchase one of our retail products.


We work for small and large distribution with the highest quality standards.


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