We owe it to all of our seas, which is why one of our priorities is to take care of them and preserve them in perfect condition for present and future generations.

Sostenibilidad Discefa

This is one of the ways we work towards the objective of ensuring the survival of our seas and bringing sustainable fishing skills to every corner of the globe.


In our efforts to make sustainable fishing the only option, we actively support fisheries improvement projects (FIPs) in some of the world’s major fishing grounds, such as Mauritania and Mexico.

As part of this mission, we work with the MSC programme, which is the basis for the strictest eco-label in our sector. It distinguishes seafood products that come from environmentally friendly fishing practices and have gone through the safest, most transparent and rigorous chains of custody.


Octopus caught in an artisanal manner with small boats and daily outings is our Product Target to supply our production and commercial lines.
At Discefa, we lobby for our product to be caught in line with these sustainability standards, which guarantee the fishing of specimens outside their breeding season, in addition to meeting the minimum sizes established for each species.
These are the main methods of fishing that we work with:

Octopus pots and traps

For this traditional fishing system, one of the most environmentally friendly, we use containers with a single entrance hole and the bait is placed inside. Specimens of other species or those not meeting the minimum size requirements are returned to the sea unharmed in order to ensure proper and respectful management of the resource.

Hooks and lines

This is a simple and effective method of fishing: all you need is a line and a hook to catch the Octopus. This highly selective system allows us to catch only and exclusively the specimens to be consumed, guaranteeing respect for our seas.


At Discefa, we are always searching for improvements that promote good fishing practices and guarantee the quality of our final product.

A good example of this is the recent modernisation and expansion of our WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). Thanks to this renovation, in addition to managing recycling of all the containers and packaging via an Authorised Manager, we now have our own facility to treat water internally, guaranteeing compliance with the parameters for the discharge of the water used in our production process.

In addition, all the packaging that we use to present and commercialise our product can be recycled. We personally purchase the raw materials and manufacture them here at our facility in order to ensure that your waste will never damage our planet.


We work for small and large octopus seafood distribution with the highest quality standards.


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