Under Discefa umbrella brand, there are several other brands: El Rey del Pulpo, Fribó, Pindusa, Tentak y Algarvío.

Our investment in quality, a core value of the Company, has expanded beyond the Discefa brand and reaches world markets by means of five alternatives designed to meet customer needs.


el Rey del Pulpo

A quintessential example of our worldwide expansion, el Rey del Pulpo sums up the essence of Discefa in a single brand: excellence in quality and a leading-brand in the sales of octopuses.


Frigobó was the origin of everything, our first brand, which we later changed to Discefa. Nowadays, we keep the brand as one of our household names:  Fribó.


A detail with our Portuguese neighbors and one of our main markets. Algarvío is synonymous with quality and pays tribute to a reference country in the production and consumption of octopus worldwide.


Pindusa has a touch of nostalgia, which takes us back to our beginning, to some of over the ten stores where we used to sell our products directly to the public under the brand name. A significant part of this essence continues through our distribution brand, Discefa.


The best octopus tentacles bear our seal. Tentak is our reference brand for the launch of Discefa cooked octopus tentacles, a delicacy that is appreciated worldwide.


el Rey del Pulpo

The octopuses used by the best chefs reach your kitchen. With El Rey del Pulpo, we have created a Premium brand that can please the most demanding palates, the brand of choice of those who go for quality whilst shopping. Our top-rated octopuses are now sold in convenient packages so that you can make your favorite recipes with all the taste from the sea. For more information or to get inspired by our recipes, Visit our website!


We work for small and large octopus seafood distribution with the highest quality standards.


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