Discefa plans to increase revenue by making the most of growing demand for octopus in the United States.

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The firm plans to increase its sales to 72 million euros in 2017 compared to 62 million euros in 2016.

The scarcity of octopus in Morocco, well-known to be among the highest quality in the world, has reduced profits for European producers of frozen octopus as they are unable to transfer the increase in the price of raw materials to the end clients.

Discefa will compensate for slightly lower margins with higher sales, according to Peralta, who stated shat Discefa sells octopus of the very highest quality, “the best octopus in the world.”

Peralta added that the firm had increased its sales force in recent months and that strong demand from the United States and Central Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and Slovenia, among other countries, led to increased sales.

Sales in the U.S.A. are predicted to increase to 12 million dollars in 2017, compared to 7 million dollars last year.

The firm also plans to increase sales in the south of Europe.

Taking part in the Italian trade fair is in line with this objective.

The firm bought between five and six thousand tonnes of product from Morocco in 2016, around two thousand tonnes from Mexico, and two hundred tonnes from Chile. The company plans to expand purchasing volume from all source sites.

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