High quality Cooked Octopus Heads

Traditional Mediterranean Way or Sushi style, “Ready to Eat”. IQF presentation in bulk or vacuum packed. Contains 0% glaze protection. The cooked frozen octopus maintains the properties and characteristic flavor of a freshly cooked octopus intact.

Presentation: Cooked octopus heads cut into strips in 10 kg bulk boxes. Recyclable container.

Origin: Moroccan Octopus (Dakhla) FAO 34, captured by artisanal fishing gear.

Item Weight
Trays per box Average weight
per box
per pallet
Average weight
per pallet
Cooked heads Various sizes 10kg 72 720Kg

How to prepare frozen cooked octopus for consumption?

Recommendations for use: Cooked product.

  1. Defrost without removing the container in the refrigerator or submerge in water at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes until thawed.
  2. Remove from the container.
  3. Heat the octopus in the microwave at medium power for 2 minutes.
  4. Prepare to taste.