High quality Octopus Tentacles Cooked

Served in the Traditional Mediterranean Way or Sushi style, “Ready to Eat”. Vacuum or Skin Packaged (Packages with fixed weight).

The cooked frozen octopus maintains the properties and characteristic flavor of a freshly cooked octopus intact.

Presentation: From 1 to 4 tentacles of uniform cooked octopus, depending on the size (S, M, L, XL), packed in vacuum, in polyamide and polypropylene packaging of 24 * 16 cm. Recyclable container.

Origin: Moroccan Octopus (Dakhla) FAO 34, captured by artisanal fishing gear.

Item Weight
Trays per box Average weight
per box
per pallet
Average weight
per pallet
 2XL cooked tentacles 0,490/0,540kg 5,15kg 120 615Kg
 XL cooked tentacles 0,360/0,490kg 4,65kg 120 555Kg
 L cooked tentacles 0,230/0,360kg 3,80kg 120 455Kg
M cooked tentacles 0,110/0,230kg 2,75kg 120 330Kg
 S cooked tentacles 0,100/0,220 kg 2,80kg 120 335Kg

Modo de preparación

Recomendaciones de uso: Producto cocinado.

  • 1. Descongelar sin quitar el envase en el frigorífico o sumergir en agua a temperatura ambiente durante 30 minutos aproximadamente hasta estar descongelado.
  • 2. Retirar del envase y calentar el pulpo en el microondas a media potencia durante 2 minutos.
  • 3. Preparar al gusto.